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Why Travel Insurance is Important while traveling?


You must never have considered the need to have travel insurance while planning a trip. Note that any untoward incident during the journey can also put you in financial trouble. Travel insurance provides insurance cover against hospitalization, flight delays or cancellations, lost check-in baggage, lost passports and trip cuts/cancellations and medical evacuation, etc. Before buying a travel insurance policy, you should consider your needs. Travel insurance is your office trip or personal or adventure trip should be taken accordingly. If your trip includes adventure activity then you can take the add-on cover. Where and where the trip goes and the time it takes plays an important role in deciding the insurance amount. Insurance companies provide travel insurance as per the location. After purchasing the policy, read its terms and conditions thoroughly.

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Travel insurance can help you in these four situations.

1. You can avail of travel insurance if you fall ill or crash in adverse weather. Immediate treatment can be found. It can be sent home if needed. Inform your insurance company. If the claim is accepted, then the company can provide you cashless treatment abroad. In case of emergency medical evacuation, seek consent from the insurance company. From where you have been treated abroad, get a certificate of fit for air travel. After this, you can return home.

2. There is a possibility of baggage being lost or delayed when traveling abroad, especially when there is a connecting flight. In case of delayed baggage, keep the receipts for whatever you have purchased. Take a letter from the airline confirming baggage lost / delayed. Keep a boarding pass, ticket, passport, PIR, baggage delivery receipt. On returning home, file a claim with all documents.

3. Inform the insurance company if the passport is lost during the journey. File a police complaint. They will help you reach the nearest Counsel Office. Always keep another copy of the passport with you. This helps a lot in emergency situations. Keep all receipts for the expenses incurred in acquiring a new passport. On returning home, file a claim with all documents. The insurance company can ask for a copy of the embassy and passport office’s receipt, identity proof, canceled check, new passport and emergency travel certificate.

4. It becomes a situation to fall ill during a trip or to cut a trip during a family emergency or to cancel it. In such a situation, the insured can claim to compensate for the economic loss. Keep a copy of all types of bills.

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