Leh ladakh foods

Apart from roaming, if you are fond of food, then definitely try these flavors of Leh-Ladakh

Every year, a large number of tourists from far and wide come to see the amazing beauty of Leh. Seeing colorful mountains, clean roads and blue skies above, it seems as if the film has a location. The number of tourists visiting Leh has doubled in the last few years, but there is something other than the scenic beauty here that will attract you to itself and that is the food here.

Located just between Leh and Srinagar, the reason is the amazing confluence of Kashmiri and Tibetan-Ladakhi culture from Kargil lifestyle to food. Ragveda is eaten a lot in Kargil. Ragveda is a mixture of meat and spices. Most ragveda is very spicy. Another very well-known food is bucket curry. It is made from a wide variety of curries, such as coconut, browain, spicy curry, etc. Actually, the people here are mostly non-vegetarian, so these two meals are quite popular here. Leh Ladakh is The best Tourist place in India.

Kashmiri taste is amazing

Here you can enjoy the taste of Kashmiri, in which curd is used extensively in curry. Asafoetida is also used for fragrance in dishes. In some dishes, dry ginger (dry ginger) is used instead of chilli to bring pungency.

Ghee is a special part of catering

Due to the cool place and to maintain body heat, ghee is used in plenty in the food here, but mustard oil is also used sometimes. A green vegetable with thick leaves is grown there, which is called ‘hawk’. This leafy vegetable is found here throughout the year and its greens are very popular here.


Mushrooms named Guhchi are grown here and it is custom to eat them fresh in summer. Kargil tea is aromatic green leaves, called kahwa, which are served in samovars. Samovar is a large kettle made of metal. The fruits and nuts grown in the valley are used extensively.

Tibetan tastes can also be enjoyed

Apart from these Kashmiri dishes, you can also taste Tibetan food in Kargil due to the Tibeto-Buddhist inclusions. Taste the butter tea made with yak milk in it. Its scent is quite different. It is not usually found in restaurants, but it is an important part of home cooking. Its color is pink and the taste is slightly salty. Apart from this, you can also enjoy thukpa, yeast here. Yeast is a thick crust brown bread, served with spit and butter tea.

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