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Best Beautiful Places in Leh You must Visit

Not only the lake and the landscape, but these beautiful places of Leh will also make your journey spectacular. In Leh, where there is a lot of monasteries, gompas on one side, in the city you can see mosques in the same way. Its localism is also special in itself. Like other parts of the country, here too, the biggest feature of India can be seen in the diversity of unity. You will know about some special places present here …

Beautiful places nearby Leh

Mulbekh Gompa

Mulbekh Gompa is a monastery. It is located in Mulbekh in Kargil district. Mulbekh is about 45 kilometers from Kargil. To reach the monastery one has to pass through steep rock and valley. This monastery is situated on a hilltop at a height of 200 meters from the road. A 9-meter high statue of Lord Buddha is installed here. This huge statue of Maitreya Buddha or Bhavishya Buddha is an excellent specimen of Buddhist sculpture, which is the main attraction of the Mulbekh Monastery. From Mulbekh Gompa one can see the beautiful surrounding valleys.

Stangade Math

Standard Math or Gompa, 20 km north of Padum. It is located at a distance, which seems to have been constructed on the same rock. Presently it is one of the large monasteries of Gompa Janskar.

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Sani Math

Sani Math is the oldest and most famous monastery, which is built in the nearby village of Sani. This monastery is one of the 8 monasteries in the world visited by renowned gurus of the Buddhist community, such as Marpa, Naropa, and Padmasambhava.


The ideal place of meditation, poker is also known as Fokar, which is situated on the top of a hill around the Shargol Monastery. This place is famous because of Poker Rijang and Urayang Dajang. Poker Rijang is a flat ground, which is considered an ideal place to meditate. The site is surrounded by caves and mountain peaks. There are also many religious centers established by many Buddhist gurus.

Baru Khanqah

5 km from Kargil. Situated at a distance of, Baru Khanqah is very popular among Muslim religious people throughout Leh-Kargil. This sacred Muslim shrine was built during the time of Hazrat Syed Muhammad Noor Baksh.

Karpokhar Shrine

5 km from Sanku The far-flung Karpokhar Shrine is also a sacred place for religious people as a tomb for the Muslim saint Syed Mir Hashim.

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