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Top Tourist Places for Summer in India

Summer is coming and as we know, India’s temperature reaches a very high level. The hot and hot summer harasses everyone. Every country is known to please everyone in one way or another. So there are many such places in India where you can relieve yourself from heat. Are you thinking about making this summer an annoying vacation plan? If yes, do not forget to go to all these places of India, which is not only beautiful but will also give you relief from heat.


Kashmir not only attracts tourists from India but also people outside India. Pahalgam, Gulmarg, Sky Resort, Dal Lake are the Famous Tourist Attractions here. Kashmir is also known as the earth’s paradise. Spending time between white snow-covered mountains, apple gardens and colorful flowers will be very memorable for you.


Sikkim is located near Mt. Conchandzonga, which is a very beautiful sprawling place. Large mountains, snow-cracked peaks and sparkling orchids attract people to themselves. Sikkim is also known as the Land-Locked State of India. Its fresh air, forest, mountains, valleys and snow-covered peaks will bring great relief to your mind. Sikkim is also Famous for India’s best trekking spot.



Manali is a very beautiful tourist place. This is a place filled with adventure, like tracking, skiing, para gliding etc. A beautiful tourist place situated in Himachal Pradesh, which draws people from her beauty and greenery over the years. Manali, which is located five and a half kilometers from Delhi, is also called the “valley of colorful flowers”


Ooty is also called the queen of hill stations. It is the capital of Nilgiris district and is one of the most beautiful mountainous places in India. Nilgiri is interpreted as Blue Mountains. There is also a foreign place with this beautiful place. Located at an altitude of 2240 meters above sea level.


Dehradun is a world famous as the city surrounded by its natural beauty and hills. The people of Dehradun are associated with deep faith. It is also attractive for animal-bird lovers who distant the tourist from a distance. You can enjoy rafting, trekking and so on. Apart from this, if you are a sports fan, then there is a lot of exciting game available for you.


Shimla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh and India is also a very big tourist hub. There is entertainment for all types of people such as Landslides and Mountains for adventure lovers, for trekking, paragliding and nature lovers. Shimla is a photographer’s paradise and you will get the most accurate shot photo.


1. Scandal Point
2. Mall
3. Gurkha Gate
4. Gorton Castle
5. Summer hills

How to Reach

Buses are also available for nearby Shimla from nearby towns. Provides service to Delhi, Deluxe and non-deluxe buses to Shimla. Apart from this, tourists from Delhi can also go to Shimla via AC taxis.

There is no railway station in Shimla. A meter gauge railway station is located in Shimla. Kalka’s broad gauge station is connected to this railway station. Regular trains are available from the major cities of the country, to Kalka railway station. From the tourist station to Shimla, you can also take advantage of taxis.

Located at a distance of 25 km from Shimla city, ‘Zubhrati Airport’ is the nearest airbase. Taxis are available from the air port to the destination. Foreign tourists can reach Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi from Shimla, which is the nearest air base to Shimla. This airport is well connected by regular flights from the major cities of the country.

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