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River Rafting is crazy, so all this is for you?


Like other Adventures sports, Rafting is very popular among young people in India. One of the few games rich in adventure is rafting. It is preferred throughout the world. Somebody call it water rafting, then a river rafting, someone knows it as white water rafting. With the help of boat rafts of rafting i.e. play in water flowing at a high speed, especially through the rivers passing through the hills. These special types of balloons like balloons take you along the river water from one direction towards the other direction and you move on while enjoying the waves of water.

There are several routes of rafting across the country, most of which are in Northern India only. Rafting is especially popular in Ganga, in which there are three major routes. These routes of Garhwal Mandal of Uttaranchal have been named as Kodiala-Marin Drive, Marine Drive-Shivpuri and Shivpuri-Rishikesh, which are 12, 12 and 15 kilometers long. For River Rafting, you can go to exciting places like the Alaknanda of Uttarakhand, Bhagirathi, Ganga river near Rishikesh, Sindh and Jaskar river of Jammu Kashmir, Teesta river in Sikkim, Brahmaputra river of Arunachal Pradesh and Subhansari river and Himaswala’s Vyas river. Are.

Rafting is as fun, the more dangerous it is, it’s an adventure game, not everybody can do it. For rafting it is necessary to have strength in your shoulders and arms. Rafting is done by sitting, so it is very important for your body to be in shape. If you do rafting in the summer, then keep the waitets, life jackets, nylon shorts, tennis shoes or sandals and a hat. Apart from this, you may have to wear extra clothes while rafting in autumn or spring. Which will also save you from winter. Always keep dry bags while rafting with you in which you can keep your personal stuff. However, during rafting, it is advisable not to carry wallet, car keys, mobile phones and so on. If you take any kind of medicines, then keep them together. Do not forget that the risk in this outdoor activity is also very much connected, then be sure to guide with yourself and check its experience. At the same time, you have already got your full medical check up.

When to go rafting

Let us know that the winter season is best for rafting. Due to this, Garhwal Mandal Vikas Corporation of Uttarakhand also prepares special packages for October to March, which you can avail. You can still book your planning and stay.

What to do

  1. Take a licensed and professional rafting instructor together. Test him in advance. Go with a professional as he is skilled at dealing with any kind of problem at that time.
  2. Insert life jacket before going into rafting, although it does not mean that it will save your life, but if you wear it properly then your chances of survival are greatly increased. Close all types of clips properly and fit in such a way that you can breathe well.
  3. Always wear the complete safety baggage, no matter what your helmet will be.
  4. Hold the pedal well and follow the guide’s instructions to handle it. This is a big issue for security. One hand should be on the pedal base, the other hand should be near the grip. You should follow the advice of your guide for this.
  5. Do not panic anytime, nothing will happen if you are facing any trouble, then do not panic, because all this happens and the guide has all these things resolved.

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