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Onam, Biggest and Special Festival is Celebrated in Kerala


Onam is one of the biggest and special festivals celebrated in Kerala. Which is celebrated every year in the month of September to welcome King Mahabali. This festival, celebrated for 10 days, is celebrated all over South India.

When is Onam?

According to the Malayalam calendar, the month of Onam begins with the month of Chingam. Every day there is a program. Which has started from September 1 and will end on September 13.

10 special days of Onam

Atham- The first day is called Atham in which Rangoli is made in the courtyard of the house with yellow flowers. Gradually, each circle (sphere) is enlarged in Rangoli and on the 10th day it becomes very large.

Chithira – The second day is known as Chithira. In which a circle is extended in Rangoli and houses are cleaned.

Chodhi – Another layer is enhanced in Rangoli. Shopping begins on this day.

Visakam – On this day, competitions start from place to place.

Anijham – Valamkali Boat Race begins here on the fifth day of Onam. Which attracts crowds of people from far and wide to see.

Thriketa – Onam’s true glow begins on the 6th day.

Moolam – A traditional dance that takes place on this day can be enjoyed.

Pooradam – On this day, the idols of Vamana and Mahabali are placed in the middle of Pookalam i.e. Rangoli.

Uthradom – On this day fresh vegetables and a variety of traditional dishes are prepared in the houses. It is believed that Mahabali reached Kerala on this day.

Thiruvonam – Although every single day is special, but the real beauty of Onam is seen on the 10th day. People worship early in the morning by bathing and giving gifts to each other.

Although it is customary to prepare nine types of dishes on this day and serve them in banana leaves, in many places, people make 24-25 types of dishes including banana chips, papadam, pulinjhi, thoran, olan, avial, sambar dal, rasam. , Khichdi, coconut chutney and many other things are included.

Onam’s special highlights

The Thrissur features artists performing Kumati dance with masks. Men disguise as tigers and perform Pulikalli folk dance. The snake boat race is a special attraction of this festival.

If you are planning to move somewhere, then make a plan for Kerala. Where the weather will be happy as well as the excitement of the festival will make your trip memorable forever.

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