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Know very interesting information related to New York, USA

Know very interesting information related to New York, USA. Those who have dreams of traveling abroad will definitely include the city of New York and even then why New York is considered one of the most developed cities in the world. If you still know that New York is a developed city in America, then let us tell you that this is wrong because New York is a state and the city under the state of New York is New York City which is considered to be the most developed city. And this city is the largest city in the state of New York, USA

New York has a population of 86.2 lakh people and its area is 783.8 square kilometers. New York has a great influence on world trade, entertainment, and fashion and this is why New York has become one of the largest metros in the world. Today we will tell you some interesting facts related to New York USA.

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New York City, USA
New York City, USA

The eyes of the great scientist Albert Einstein are kept in a lab in New York.

New York City is a city of the rich, and there is one visitor out of every 21 people here.

In 2018, the world’s first ‘underground park’ was built in New York.

There are more than 1600 pizza restaurants in New York City.

No crime was reported in New York on 28 November 2012, so this day is considered to be the quietest day.

Let us tell you that according to a survey conducted in 2014, New York City has been considered as the ‘Unhappiest City’.

A very worrying thing about New York is that 21% of the children studying in small classes here are obese.

In New York, it is illegal to play a car horn without emergency.

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