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Kedarnath Temple-How to reach, Puja, and tips

Kedarnath Dham is located in the Rudra-Prayag district of Uttarakhand, the hill state of India. Kedarnath Temple is one of the four Dhams with twelve Jyotirlingas. Kedarnath Dham is situated on the banks of the Mandakini river and at an elevation of 3,584 meters above sea level. Kedarnath Dham is a unique place in Hinduism. It is surrounded by a white covered sheet of snow in the Himalayas. It is said about this temple that it was built by Janmayya of Pandav Dynasty. It is said about this temple that it was constructed by Janmayya of Pandav Dynasty. Adi Shankaracharya restored this temple Located here, Shivalinga is one of the oldest Shivlingo. That is why this temple is the most important. Every year lakhs of devotees come here to visit Kedarnath. In Hinduism, there is a belief that everyone should surely give their life to Kedarnath Baba at least once.
Badrinath and Kedarnath are two major pilgrimage sites in Uttarakhand, both have a great importance in Hinduism. Regarding Kedarnath, it is written that a person who travels to Badrinath without seeing Kedarnath is not considered successful. That is why people believe that the destruction of all sins is essential for both the Badrinath and Kedarnath.

Darshan time and Aarti (Kedarnath Temple Aarti)

Firstly, the temple is cleaned every morning, after which the Kedarnath Temple opens for the visitors from 6.00 in the morning.
3 to 4 special prayers are performed and then the temple is closed.
At 5 pm, the temple is opened for public viewing.
The priests and servants of the temple duly make the five-headed image of Lord Shiva and then in the evening there is 7 to 8 regular aarti.
After 8.30 pm the temple is closed again
Clutter opening and closure time (Closing Time of Kedarnath Temple)

Kapat opening and closing time

Due to snow falling in the cold conditions and due to low temperature due to adjacent to the Himalayas, the Kadarath temple valves are closed for visitors. The priests of the temple close the temple of Kedarnath Baba from the entire legislative assembly before November 15, (two days before Scorpio Sankranti). In such a situation, the Panchvata statue of Kedarnath is brought in “Umikhimath”. And it is worshipped on this. Then 6 months later, after the Vaisakhi (13-14 April), the kapat opens again.

How to reach Kedarnath Temple

It is very easy to reach Kedarnath because you can reach here by road, rail and aeroplane. Kedarnath can be reached from any city in India. It is very easy to reach Kedarnath from all the cities of Chandigarh (387 km), Delhi (458 km), Nagpur (1421 km), Kanpur (492 km), Bangalore (2484 km).

By Road – If you want to go from Kedarnath road to Delhi then you can go through Rishikesh, Haridwar or Dehradun. After reaching Rishikesh, Haridwar or Dehradun, you can book a car or a jeep for Kedarnath. Every bus has a direct bus service to Rishikesh and Haridwar every half hour. By bus, you can reach Delhi from Haridwar 8-9 hours May.

By Train – From Delhi to Haridwar or Rishikesh railway route can be reached 4-5 hours May.

By Air – Kedarnath Airport can also be reached easily. Near Kedarnath, Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun, is 239 kilometres away from Kedarnath.

Kedarnath helicopter tour 2019

Kedarnath helicopter services for Kedarnath Dham have started. Uttarakhand Civil Aviation Authority has selected a total of 9 companies for conducting flights to Kedarnath. Kedarnath yatra helicopter service by the Uttarakhand government, as well as rental rates also decided Kedarnath helicopter booking price. With the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) inspecting all the helipads, the team took cognizance of passenger amenities, parking and security.

Flights from eight helipads are operated for Kedarnath. Currently, five companies are providing services to nine companies.
For Kedarnath, five helicopters have been sanctioned from Guptakashi and Phata for Aryan, Arrow, Pawanhans, UT and Himalayan. At the same time, it will take time to start heli service from Sirsi to Kedarnath as there is no settlement with Heli companies due to rent from Sirsi.

Kedarnath yatra helicopter booking 2019

Kedarnath helicopter ticket price
Kedarnath yatra helicopter charges 2019
Kedarnath Helicopter Online booking facility is available online for booking Kedarnath helicopter. You are from the website of Aryan, Arrow, Pawanhans, UT and Himalayan companies or many other online websites are Kedarnath helicopter booking 2019 official website where you can book helicopter tickets for Kedarnath Dham. Kedarnath helicopter ticket price Rs. 7000 / – From Rs. 7000 / – a person who is Fata-Kedarnath-Fata route of Phata to Kedarnath Helicopter booking 2019.

Rishikesh to Kedarnath (223 Km) – (Route to Kedarnath from Rishikesh)

Kekul 13 halves reaching Kedarnath from Rishikesh. Rishikesh is a road of 223 kilometers towards Kedarnath and a rocket.

Rishikesh to Devaprayag (70 km) to Srinagar (35 km) to Rudraprayag (34 km) to Tilwara (9kms) to Agastamuni (10 km) to Kund (15 km) to Guptkashi (5 km)

The distance of Cities from Darnath – (Distance Guide)

Rishikesh to Kedarnath 223 km

Delhi to Kedarnath 458 km

Kanpur to Kedarnath 492 km

Nagpur to Kedarnath 1421 km

Bangalore to Kedarnath 2484 km

Lucknow to Kedarnath 469 km

Kedarnath from Calgary 1,293 km

Kedarnath from Mumbai 1 1,437 km

Kedarnath from Ahmedabad 1,071 km

Kedarnath from Chennai to 1,965 km

Surat to Kedarnath 1231 km

Indore to Kedarnath 946 km

Kedarnath from Bhopal to 846 km

Kedarnath from Allahabad 648 km

Agra to Kedarnath 410 km

Time of Kedarnath Darshan (Best Time to Visit Kedarnath)

October is the best month for Kedarnath temple philosophy.

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