Independence Day, 15 August, India National Holiday,

India is celebrating 70th Independence Day!

Independence Day, India, 15 August

70th Independence Day of India

India is celebrating one of the three National Holiday 15 August(Two others are Republic Day 26th January and Gandhi Jayanti on 2nd October). On this day in 1947, the most diverse country as per some several terms like language, Religions, Festivals, natures, Caste, India became Independent from the United Kingdom.India gained liberty and became a free country at midnight between 14 August and 15 August 1947.  Indians celebrate this day very much. Prime Minister of India hoists the Indian Flag on Red Fort in Delhi. Prime Minister and President address people and tribute to our national heroes who fought for the country and got successful. Government and non-government institutions also hoist Indian Flag and organize some cultural programs. On this day followed by flag hoisting our national anthem “JAN GANA MAN” is sung and the speech is followed by march past of division of the Indian Army and Paramilitary forces. Every people celebrate this day as per own terms some of them fly kites to celebrate this day. On this day you can see our country become in tricolor saffron, white and green theme. All states celebrate this similar event in their states. On this day the whole country on alert for the unexpected activities like terrorism, bomb attack, and much other so security fully tight in major cities.Air Zone is restricted in Red Fort Area.Many of militarians and Police man on alert to make this event successful.

national holiday, 15 August, India, Independence day


In India some diverse elements which make us proud to be an Indian these are:

  • 31 States
  • 1618 Languages
  • 6 Religions
  • 6 Ethnic Groups
  • 29 Major Festivals
  • One Country

India, Indian Independence Day, 15 August, National holiday

National Holiday,Independence day, 15 august, india

Be Proud To Be An Indian!

Happy Independence Day To All Of You

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