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Delicious Foods and Best Restaurants in Shimla!

Food and Restaurants

Shimla has many restaurants which provide good and healthy food to their customers or tourists. There are variety of restaurants serving different type of Cuisine like South Indian, North Indian, Chinese, Italian, Europeon a Himalayan etc. They are serving better service and charge a little amount which is affordable by tourists. Some of best restaurants mention here:

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Cafe Sol

It serves Italian and Maxican foods to his customers. It’s open from 8 am to 9.30 pm and charge Rs.250-300 for two people.

Cecil Restaurants

This restaurants is famous to serves Asian and Europeon cuisine It charges Rs 700-1000 for two person.

Ashiana & Goofa

This restaurant serves delicious Himalayan cuisine and charge arround Rs 300-350.

Indian Cofee House

This restaurant serves South Indian foods mostly and charge Rs 400-500 and It opens till 9 pm.

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