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Best Tourist Places in Nainital, Uttarakhand


Information about Best Tourist Places in Nainital, Uttarakhand. In Nainital, people go on a vacation to enjoy the holidays. And everybody likes a cool and green place. So they go to a place like a hill station. And Nainital is also a beautiful hill station. Where many people come to roam. This place is also a very beautiful and good place from a natural point of view. It feels so good in Nainital.

The lush green field here gives great peace of mind. Seeing the natural beauty here, the mind feels very happy and playful. This place is considered to be the favorite of all the Generation people. It is a very beautiful tourist place in the state of Uttarakhand. There are lakhs of people who come to visit every month.

It is about 2000 meters above sea level. Nainital city is most famous all over the world for its lush green valleys, beautiful hills, natural springs and locks. The teak and cedar tree cliffs found at this place and the Naini Lake are very beautiful and the beauty is pleasing to all people, tourists, residents etc. New couples also love this place for their honeymoon and attract more.

Information about places to visit and tourist places in Nainital

Some things from the past of Nainital

 “The first person who discovered this place is P. Baron. Who is an English man. Who first discovered this place in the year 1841. He was very impressed to see the beauty of this place that he decided to live his whole life here and he got his house built in Nainital itself. And he kept his house as Pilgram Cottage. It was made the capital of Uttar Pradesh during the British rule. Nainital was earlier part of Uttar Pradesh. But later they separated in November 2000.”

There are many scenic spots in Nainital which are prominent among them:

Cave Garden

Cave Gardens, as the name itself, suggests. There are many caves in this place. This place is known for caves. Because it has many peaks and big caves. This garden attracts all the tourists. To see these gardens, separate tickets have been fixed for adults and children.

Naini Peak

Naini Peak is the highest hill here, it is located 7 kilometers from the main city, it has a height of 2,610 meters. One can see the beautiful snow covered city on the top of the Himalayas. Apart from bus and taxi, it is also visited here by horse riding. Which everyone likes very well.

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Snow view

The snow-capped peaks of the northern Himalayas are located at an altitude of 2,270 meters. Therefore it is called snow view. Because this place is full of snow, this view is enjoyable to all people. From here, the views of the lush green field area, forest-covered hills and valleys are very lovely. One can go by rope way, horse or even on foot to come here.

Naini Lake

Naini Lake is a world famous lake. It is located in the center of the city. Naini Lake is the main place to attract tourists. The upper end of this lake is known as Mallital. The facility of Noka Vihaan is also found. Which everyone enjoys specially. Here, apart from tussiter, foreseater boats, some private boats also run. All these facilities can be availed. They have to pay different fare.

Tiffin Top

Tiffin Toup Hill is also known as ‘Dorothy Seat’. It was nirvana by the British Army Officer to keep the memories of his wife alive. Because he loved his wife very much. From here, one can see the beautiful mountain ranges and green city litigants. Which attracts us more. This is called Tiffin Toup. Because its shape is similar to tiffin.

Lands End

Lands End is located 5 kilometers from the main city. Which is located at an altitude of 3,120 m. The bird’s eye view of Khurpa Taal also appears to be land end. Which has very beautiful views. From a distance, the shape of that pool looks like an animal.

Lovers Point

Lovers Point located a little before Tiffin Toup. Many couples come to visit here. Hence it is known as Lovers Point. This place attracts couples and newcomers. Here the beauty of clouds flying like smoke draws tourists towards themselves.


Bhimtal is also a tourist attraction center. This area is located 22 kilometers from Nainital. It is believed that this pool was named Bhimtal in memory of Bhima, the brother of the Pandavas. Which is famous all over the world. Here we can also have fun of boating in this lake.


There is no corner in Naukuchiatal Lake. These lakes are completely calm and pollution free. This lake is 5 kilometers away from Bhimtal, it also has the facility of voting. Special arrangements have been made for voting here. Which tourists like very much.

These lakes are 192 feet deep. It takes about an hour and a half to orbit it. Many fish are also seen in this lake. Those who are not allowed to hold. All types of boats are available here.

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