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Best Hotels available for stay safe in Shimla!

There are many hotels for safe and relaxable accommodation. They provide multi services to his customers and give them a home and traditional environment. There are Variety of hotels from luxury to budget available here. They provide pick up and drop off, internet, std, Cafe, conference rooms, luxury suites, water, tv and many more. I want to provide you some top hotel for better accommodation and provide above mention services for you.They charge from ₹5000 to ₹35000 as per packages what you want.

  • Oberaoi Cecil                 ₹10500- ₹23500

  • Wild Flower Hall            ₹20000-₹35000

  • Raddison Hotel             ₹9000-₹15000

  • Hotel Willow Banks      ₹7000-₹17000

  • Hotel Comberemre       ₹9000-₹11000

  • East Bourn Resort         ₹7000-₹9000

  • Toshali Royal View        ₹5000-₹7000

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